When A CEO Should Fire The Marketing Manager

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I heard a really scary story the other day. One year ago a company placed an order for a Yellow Pages print advertisement for a fee of $90,000 for the year after being persuaded by the account manager to place the order for the ad. The marketing managers comment to Yellow Pages was that he would keep count of the number of leads that it would produce and 12 months later the results are in and the grand total was “two leads”.

That equates to $45,000 cost per lead!!When The CEO Should Fire The Marketing Manager

Now I don’t know about you but that acquisition cost per lead is a touch expensive and I would love to know what the effectiveness of $90,000 spent on the following would yield in leads and sales.

  • Search engine optimization program that would ensure key words and phrases that are used for finding a company appear on page one of Google. (Nearly 90% of all clicks through to a website are a result of a website being on the first page of a search engine results page)
  • Google adwords campaign that places paid banner ads driving traffic to a companies website or special offer landing page derived from keyword searches on Google that appear in the right and top areas of a Google search result page.
  • Facebook targeted banner ads that are demographically and highly targeted and funnel traffic to the website for capturing leads and enquiries
  • A full time content creation position who creates and promotes the company’s thought leadership with blogs and online videos that educates and promotes the companies brand 24/7.

I also wonder – “does he still have a job?”

This story displays the challengers marketers face to educate and inspire leaders and CEO’s of organisations to take them from the wilderness of analog traditional marketing to the promised land of an increasingly digital savvy audience and the leverage of the social web.


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